What is Trotjot?

Trotjot is the travel journal of the digital age. It aims to revive the old art of cataloguing your wanderings & voyages, with all the ease & simplicity afforded by modern technologies.

Trotjot lets you...

Capture your travel memories effortlessly & automatically creates chronological narratives of them.

Mark the places you've been to & journaled at, on a map.

Back-up all your photos to the cloud making them available from anywhere.

Free up phone memory by deleting photos from phone once backup to cloud is complete.

Invite friends & family to follow your trips as they unfold, or share when you like.

Create a store house of memories, helping you relive moments from the past readily.

And, who are we?

We are a team of researchers and designers deeply interested in the better organisation, effortless curation & intuitive retrieval of travel memories - so that it is joyful, simple and lasting.
We are currently located in Sydney, Australia.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, need help, or want to provide feedback, please email us at email [at] trotjot.com

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